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Self-Esteem, Self-Control, Concentration, Respect, Sportsmanship

Welcome to Waikoloa Karate Academy. Our style is Shotokan. Shotokan is a traditional style of karate from Japan. The word “traditional” implies striving for personal excellence rather than competitiveness against others. The purpose of training is self-realization, and each student’s journey is individual.

The objectives of our program are to help students develop the strength of character to stick to commitments, to pursue worthy endeavors and to persevere when the going gets tough. All too often young people give up when presented with even the slightest challenge. At Waikoloa Karate Academy we are committed to helping students become stronger mentally, physically and emotionally so they can cope successfully with life’s challenges. We accomplish this by providing a class structure whereby children learn to sit still, listen to instruction and then follow directions. Each class presents the student with realistic challenges in a wholesome family friendly environment. Our young students gain socialization skills by working with, not competing against, other children. We are a family of dedicated and committed students and parents, and are looking to attract other families equally dedicated.

Our adult classes are outstanding and attract individuals looking for physical, mental, and emotional fitness. The variety of movements required in a typical class is challenging yet exhilarating. Our routines keep the adult student mentally alert, and help improve flexibility and aerobic fitness. However, the camaraderie of our adult students is the best part of the class as all support each others journey.

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