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Dojo Etiquette

yoi 3As Master Funakoshi states, “Without courtesy you cannot practice Karate-do.” This applies not only to our training but also to life in general. The word “dojo” is actually two words. “Do” means “the way” or “the path,” and “jo” means “the place.” When the two words are combined, it means “the place where the way is studied.” The dojo is the place where we learn to live together as human beings, therefore abiding by the dojo etiquette is the first step to practicing true karate-do.

Dojo EtiquetteOur various formal class procedures each accomplish a specific objective. Students bow respectfully when they enter the dojo to show appreciation for Sensei’s willingness to share his/her many years of karate (and life) experience with them. It also demonstrates a commitment to devote full concentration to the matter at hand, and to leave behind all outside concerns for the duration of the class. This is called ritsu-rei and shows deep respect for karate-do. When Sensei (teacher) gives a technical correction, respectfully acknowledge the correction to let Sensei know we appreciate him/her helping us to become more excellent in karate. When practicing with a partner, we shake hands and say thank you to demonstrate respect and appreciation to our fellow students for helping us learn.

Although Parents and other siblings are always welcome, we must ask that there be no playing or talking during class. Your young karate student will get the most benefit per class if we have his/her undivided attention. Our classes are fun, but they are very structured and time is of the essence. Therefore we appreciate it when our visitors quietly and respectfully observe the class.

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