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Nelson Vaughn

  • Began training in 1974 with Japan International Karate Center (JIKC) Hickman Kentucky
  • Trained at the JIKC Honbu (main dojo) and the Japan Karate Association (JKA) in Honolulu, Hawaii from 1981 –1990
  • Awarded Nidan (second-degree black belt) in 1994 from Mr. Mikami, Japan Karate Association (JKA)
  • Sandan (third-degree black belt) from Mr. Hirano in 1986, Japan International Karate Center (JIKC)
  • Yondan (fourth-degree black belt) from Mr. Kanazawa in 2010 Shotokan Karate International Federation (SKIF)
  • Teaching since 1978, has taught more than 39,000 karate classes and personally recruited and instructed more than 3,500 students
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